You Should Be Watching This Gaming Documentary Series

Here's a welcome break from fan-flicks and comedy videos. Psycho Crusher Productions are a team setting out to "make gamers as famous as the games they play", courtesy of a series of films called GAM3R.

It's an unfortunate title, in many ways, because it makes you conjure images of insult-spewing shooter fans and excruciating attempts at sitcom-style humour, but what the series actually focuses on are real stories about real gamers. And so far, they're pretty good.


The first episode, covering a fighting game tournament at New York's Next Level Arcade, is interesting, but it's the second episode that's got me hooked, as it looks at the story of Victor, an unemployed gamer who, rather than find a "real" job, has been trying to make ends meet hustling online communities, trying his hand at everything from selling currency in MMOs to playing fighting games for money.

It's a sad story, but one that's well told by PCP (who were also behind the documentary King of Chinatown). Think of it as the kind of subject matter you'd be seeing on TV if TV executives knew half a thing about video games.

Psycho Crusher Productions [YouTube]

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