The King of Chinatown Documentary Focuses on Competitive Gaming at New York’s Shuttered Arcade Mecca

For years, fighting game fans in the New York City area gathered at Chinatown Fair, to hone their skills at the location's stand-up machines. That all ended earlier this year to the dismay of many. Chinatown Fair's legacy lives on across the river in Brooklyn's Next Level but you can relive the glory of days past in a new documentary. Directed by Calvin Theobald, King of Chinatown features competitive gamers Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara, too, and shows the pivotal role Chinatown Fair played in their relationship. It's been out for a while but you can get it on iTunes this week. If you miss Chinatown Fair or love fighting games, give the film a look.

King of Chinatown [iTunes]


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