You Picked FemShep's Look, Now Pick Her Hair Color

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When fans picked the blonde version of female Commander Shepard to appear in the ads and videos for Mass Effect 3, they weren't voting for a hair color; they were voting for a hair style. Now we're voting for the hair color.


I wasn't a particularly big fan of the blonde Shepard recently voted in as the official FemShep of Mass Effect 3, but I really did dig her hair. So did a lot of folks. BioWare knows this to be the case, and has opened up round two of the voting to let fans determine which color that lovely hairstyle should be.

Simply hit up the link below and cast your vote for the shade of space sexy you prefer. Are you a dirty blonde, or do you prefer a saucy, spicy ginger? I'm voting traditional black on this one. I like my space heroes to have a little goth lurking around the edges.

Voting runs from today through PAX next weekend, so I'd jump on that as quickly as possible.

FemShep Voting Round 2 [Facebook]


OMG, really? This game is like the poster child for freedom and democracy. It's a shame the gun play is so "meh" the most powerful "spells" are so dinky looking and part of the plot was ripped right from Battle Star Galactica.

Can I vote for purple hair?

I'd also like for vote for yellow eyes.

Also I vote she's has a HH cups.

Oh, those weren't options? Well shucks, democracy sure is tricky to figure out.