You Might Soon be Playing Games on Your Car Window

When I was a kid, on long road trips I had to look out the window and like it. When I worked in childcare, kids would go home with a Game Boy in their hands. My kids, of course, might ride with something even cooler: games on their car windows.


This concept video from General Motors shows how researchers at the company are working on using current technology to spice up the humble car window by turning it into a giant tablet screen, complete with games for the kids and social networking tools for adults.

It's not perfect by any means. I'd imagine that the point-of-view of someone actually sitting in the seat, instead of a camera ideally placed on the other side of the car, won't have such a perfect view. Still, it's definitely something worth looking at, especially if you've got kids and ever have to drive more than twenty minutes at a stretch.

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How is this even remotely practical? Who is ever in the car long enough as a PASSENGER and not the driver to make any use out of games on car windows? The 16-hour drive to Grandma's house notwithstanding, this seems pretty silly.