So, you've held on, 3DS owner. You've maintained ownership Nintendo's stereoscopic handheld despite a software portfolio that's been rough going. When will you be able to play a classic arcade ninja or a beloved, speedy hedgehog, you've cried?! One Japanese publisher has heard you and their answer is soon.

Sega's released info on when you'll be able to play their 3DS games, with Shinobi leading the charge on November. The company's sneaker-wearing icon follows up with Sonic Generations, which will be out November 22 in North America and on November 25th in Europe.

Then, early next year, you'll be able to play Crush 3D, when the puzzle platformer—re-designed from its original PSP iteration—releases on 1/10 for North America and 1/13 for Europe. And another dose of mascot athletics jumps off when Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games debuts on Feb. 10 and Feb 14 for North America and Europe. Personally, as a fan of the old stand-up games, I can't wait for Shinobi. Kotaku readers, you planning to pick any of these up?

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