You Know What the Pokémon Franchise Really Needs? Your Fresh Ideas

Commenter Balmung of the Azure Sky has been thinking about Pokémon lately, and believes it's high time the franchise gets the modern-day makeover it desperately needs. How would you folks bring Pokémon up to date? Speak Up on Kotaku, I choose you!

So I have been thinking a lot about Pokémon lately. These games need a makeover and fast. They have been throwing the same concepts around for 15 years now and while it will always sell fantastically it just seems worn in some respects now. I don't want them to change the "Gotta catch em all!" type stuff or the basic cuteness but I want to see more out of these games!


I would love to see complete character customization including choosing the age of your character, a fully 3D game world not limited to routes, having the ability to travel in any direction to any town, and DLC made up of towns and islands added to the map with new battles and stories to be told on them.

What do you guys think the games need?

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