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After being assaulted by a mix of horrific dubstep and "epic" video game trailer music for four days straight, it's time for something a little more traditional — something like Jake Kaufman's fantastic soundtrack for Mighty Switch Force 2.


Mighty Switch Force 2 just hit the 3DS eShop yesterday, and a good 50 percent of why I bought it is this guy right here. Kaufman does the tunes for many of WayForward's works, delivering the perfect balance of weight and whimsy, every time. It's the sort of game music that's not afraid to get funky, and I am a big fan of funky.


You can listen to the Mighty Switch Force 2 soundtrack in the little box below (or here) all day long if you'd like (be sure to hit up the brilliant remixes at the end). Then hit the download button and grab all 21 tracks for whatever price you want.

You can even pay absolutely nothing, as long as you're fine with being a bit of a jerk.

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