You Know What Kinectimals Needs? Bears

Kinect launch title Kinectimals was a fine showcase for Microsoft's motion-sensing technology, but it was all about cat. They should have just called it Kinecticats. This problem, like many others, has been fixed via liberal application of bears.

Five bears, to be exact: Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Polar Bear, and Glacier Bear. These new cuddly companions will get front of the box billing this fall, when Microsoft releases the aptly-titled Kinectimals: Now With Bears, an updated version of the original game that employs cereal box marketing conventions to get its point across. It's the "Oops, All Berries!" of Kinect-powered pet sims.


Along with the retail re-release, the bears will also be available as downloadable content for those that have already made the Kinectimals purchase, like myself. I'm ready for downloadable bears. Are you?

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It's a bear on a Warthog! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!


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