Really that headline works with any game, even games that already have bunnies in them. Coming soon from Atari and Zynga (The A to Z of mobile games—that's free, marketing people), Super Bunny Breakout.

Inspired by the superhero Freedom Man, one rabbit embarks on a quest to free his furry friends from an animal testing lab, Breakout-style. It's block breaking with a message that PETA will surely get behind. It'll have 40 levels to break, five characters to unlock, a secret base to decorate and more bunnies than you can shake another, completely different bunny at.


I'm guessing there will be gameplay as well, though the creators seem perfectly happy just showing us artwork. Whatever brings the bunnies, man.

Super Bunny Breakout is coming soon to iOS and Android devices. Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies.

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