Sonic the Hedgehog fans (read: masochists) will be delighted to learn that, should Sega see fit to subject them to another Sonic Unleashed title, the lumbering, stretchy "werehog" is almost guaranteed to return.

Sonic and the Black Knight director Tetsu Katano tells Videogamer "You will see the Werehog again." That's despite the general shunning of the Werehog version of Sonic by many longtime Sonic the Hedgehog fans and mixed reviews from critics.


"In principle, I think that the users are always right. They're the ones paying the money and playing the games. If they don't enjoy it, they're not going to buy it," Katano tells Videogamer. "I don't think that producing the Werehog was a mistake per se, but there were a lot of things we could have done better if we had more time and resources."

Katano kind of backs away from confirming a Sonic Unleashed sequel later in the interview, but we have a good feeling Sega sees a winning combination in expanding the Sonic the Hedgehog market to furry enthusiasts. That's something that can only be done with either more Werehog or some disturbing Miles "Tails" Prower spin-offs.

Sonic and the Black Knight Interview [Videogamer via NeoGAF]

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