You Have to Play The Wizard of Oz, If Only to Experience the Joy of MunchkinCam

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Spooky Cool Labs' Facebook game based on movie classic The Wizard of Oz is in beta now, and you should definitely give it a try, if not for the ability to see through the eyes of Munchkins in first-person, then for the most dramatic wood chopping and ore mining in video game history.


Riddled with video and sound clips from the original movie, The Wizard of Oz definitely caters to fans, but that doesn't mean Spooky Cool Labs didn't give it a little extra-added oomph for the more gamerly among us.

Dorothy lands in Oz and is tasked with following the Yellow Brick Road. Unfortunately the road is not finished, so she must recruit Munchkins to generate the resources necessary to facilitate her easing on down. She builds the houses and they provide the labor, cooking food, gathering resources, and generally running the small town a young Kansas girl needs to perform magical road work.

Those pretty graphics I mentioned in the original article on the game are even more vibrant when viewed through the eyes of a little person. At any given time the player can click on one of these happy little workers and see the world through their eyes. I like to think I am possessing them, a lost spirit riding in their flesh. I whisper to them, telling them to kill, but they never listen.

They do, however, swing a mean axe. Harvesting in The Wizard of Oz launches a metered mini-game. Click the chop button when the meter is in the sweet spot and you're treated to super-powerful slow motion tree-chopping action. Hit the meter while mining and the ore your Munchkin is attacking explodes, sending him flying.

It's more beautiful than I ever imagined.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Facebook and try out The Wizard of Oz for yourself.



Dorothy looks fucking terrifying.