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You Have To Dismember Yourself To Solve These Puzzles

The best zombie games are those that let you play as the decaying, walking, blood-thirsty corpses rather than against them.

Zombro is a special kind of zombie game, though. It's less about a zombie apocalypse and more about the cross-country journey of one fairly tame zombie. All he wants to do is get out of Portland and travel to the East.

In order to avoid spike-laden ditches and swinging, chained logs, you'll have to dismember Zombro in up to three pieces: the legs, torso, and brain. The legs have the unique ability of jumping, while the torso crawls, and the brain rolls around in whichever direction you tilt your device.

The puzzles start off fairly straightforward but become more complicated as you're gauging what hanging box to jump on first, so that you don't accidentally block the path. Sometimes it's a matter of trial and error, and others require sitting back for examination. Regardless of the tactic you choose to use, they're both to solve relaxing, pensive puzzles.

Each puzzle features a soft sunset background, with most of the objects that you have to navigate dropped in shadows. Sounds are minimal, with an occasional low growl from Zombro, and a soothing Western track. The overall aesthetic is pleasant, which is a drastic change from the typically dark and gory backdrops you might be accustomed to in zombie games.

As you're jumping, crawling, and rolling your way to the exit, there are three gas cans to collect. These will determine how far you can progress through the game. Now, here's something you won't like. Before you can put a significant dent in the miles you have to travel, you need to purchase level packs to reach Texas or Florida. Fortunately there's plenty of Oregon and California to explore for free first.


Zombro [Free, Google Play]

Zombro [Free, iTunes]


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