With a little over an hour left and more than 50% claimed, if you're in the market for one of Mad Catz Xbox 360 Tournament Edition Street Fighter IV FightSticks, now would be a good time to hit up Amazon.com.

Today's Gold Box deals on Amazon seem to have some sort of fitness theme, with one exception. They've got the Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition FightStick at 40% off for the next hour. That's a $149.99 item for only $89.99, which in my book is a complete steal. So much so that I've finally caved in and purchased one myself. Having secured my own, I now open it up to the rest of you. Yes, I am a shopping bastard.

You might want to hurry, as that percentage meter is rising rather quickly.

Update: AS of 10:20 Kotaku time, they are gone. Hope you got one!

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