"You Don't Want Stereotypical Characters"

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Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda is acting as the go-between for upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War 2. So! What are the big differences between Gears of War and Gears of War 2? Says Tsunoda:

I think if you've played Gears of War 1, it's clear there's stuff you'd want to improve on in Gears of War 2. The story wasn't necessarily as robust as it could have been, and that's stuff we're really going to blow that out in Gears of War 2. We've got Josh Ortega who's a great comic book writer, and he's totally focused on the story. We want to do a much better job of that... If you look at the character line-up from Gears 1, they were very stereotypical characters. There wasn't much variety between the different types. That's something that not only in the development of existing characters we're changing up, but also adding some new characters that add their own individual flair to it... From a game-making perspective you want to get as much uniqueness and variety with the characters as possible, for them to have individual flair and for people to identify with them. You don't want to build stereotypical characters, not just racial stereotypes but stereotypes of any kind.

Seems rather retroactive at this point, but whatever.

Tsunoda Interview [Eurogamer] [Pic]

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One major thing that bugged me with Gears 1 - design.

As much as it showed off "intense action", or "testosterone", it gave way too much of it. There wasn't a real sense of balance, but being forced to get from point a to b.

(1 - its not mechanical gradius seven) "Yes sir, no one knows if this is a game or not". I find it funny, it tried to adapt a bit from MG in a sense, but sucked out the "fun". As much as it rushed, it ended too early. Although the campaign was a bit on the short side, it offered a compromise that such a game was possible.

(2 - its not Metallic Gyros Silver) "That witch! She stole my clothes! (insert sneeze here) "Damn I caught a cold"

Aside from the undertaking of an alien race, without merit it was an action title. *kinda hit & miss, given the dark creatures that caused frustration.. "would you care to be a snack?"

Another missed point, is the level design. Everything felt so squished together, room to breathe was lesser than your opponent's space. *Save except for the ground vehicle sitting out there watching you like REX (near mansion).

3) Its not My Goose Sneezes

"We are pawns in this game"

As dynamic teasers can be, after what G1 delivered.. can Gears 2 really deliver more? And can the characters really gain more complexity? (instead of being the usual tough guys?)

If there's something CB's team needs, hmm oh yeah new concept. I hear that HK director gives good ideas.