You Don't Love Sailor Moon As Much As This Guy Does

Last week, io9 brought to our attention Evan MacIsaac—a man who recorded himself cosplaying Sailor Moon in construction paper costumes while performing "Do My Thing" by Estelle and Janelle Monáe. That video, which you can watch above, is just the tip of the Moon Stick. You have no idea how much this guy loves Sailor Moon.


His YouTube channel is almost entirely Sailor Moon themed. We're talking like, hundreds of videos—some are reviews of the anime. This is his very first review, from two years ago. It probably won't make much sense to anyone that hasn't actually watched the anime.

If you'd like a no-frills version of MacIsaac's judgement, he has a Google doc set up with all his review scores so far.

While these videos seem witty and funny, truly, the highlight of MacIsaac's YouTube channel are his kind of absurd (but amazing) construction paper cosplay videos. He seems to have a video for nearly every Sailor Scout (meaning he has a bunch of costumes), and many of these recreate the magical girl transformation sequence that Sailor Moon is famous for. He doesn't skimp out on this either; it's not just the costumes. The transformation sequences sometimes include make-up. Here are a few.

Here are some of his props:


Kotaku reached out to MacIsaac about his Sailor Moon devotion. Here's what he said, in case you're curious as to what is driving all these videos:

I've been trying to figure out why I love Sailor Moon so much for years! The story has a balance of action, humor, drama, and ridiculousness that just strikes a chord with me. The musicals bring some fabulous divaness and the live-action is quirky cute. It's a metaseries with depth that just keeps going once you fall into it.

When I first started doing my reviews, I thought it would be funny to mimic a transformation... but I can't sew. I did have construction paper though, and it just sorta happened. When I was younger, I was friends with a lot of people into cosplay, and we jokingly made costumes out of paper one night, so I guess thats where the idea originated.

I didn't know how to edit videos when I started, so I like to compare my first transformation with my latest. They are always terrible, but become more complex in their terribleness.


What's next? He says his upcoming videos are going to get more ridiculous. Expect booty shorts.

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