When we posted something about an awesome Super Smash Bros. mod that makes Captain Falcon's final smash glorious, a few commenters noticed something peculiar—was that Mega Mewtwo in some of the clips?

Yes, yes it was—even though Mewtwo isn't even (officially) in Brawl. If you're thinking "must be mods," you'd be right. Following Pokemon X & Y's reveal of Mega Mewtwo, modders like vaanrose immediately got to work. "I made [the Mega Mewtwo model] in just under five days from the moment he was officially announced," vaanrose commented in yesterday's article.

Wanna see Mega Mewtwo in action? Check out these videos by The01Trooper and DataDrain02.

You can download the Mega Mewtwo mod here. Otherwise, if you're feeling confused, here's a primer on what Pokemon X & Y's Mega evolutions are. To sum: temporary power-ups that only occur in-battle which change the appearance, abilities and sometimes even type of the Pokemon in question.