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The PS4 Controller's Light Bar Won't Turn Off Because Of Virtual Reality

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Are you one of the people that's been annoyed by the fact that the DualShock 4's light bar never turns off? Well, Sony has finally clued us in to why the PlayStation 4 developers decided not to allow gamers to conserve battery life and their own sanity by sticking an "off" switch on the thing. And no, it's not because they wanted to give players a night light when they got too scared playing Outlast after dark.

Speaking in an interview with Techradar, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe senior designer Jed Ashforth, explained that the un-turn-off-able light bar was all part of Sony's master plan for its recently announced virtual reality initiative Project Morpheus.


"The tracking light… it was our department that said we need that on," Ashforth told Techradar. "It was for tracking for VR."

"And when all these things were coming out six months ago and everyone was going 'it's reflecting in my TV,' we were going 'oh no' because we couldn't tell anyone what it was for."


See? Sony knew it was annoying all of us; it just couldn't explain why. It's like that frustrating moment when your parents explained that you couldn't eat all of your Halloween candy in a single sitting because they said so. Except, you know, about video games.

Feel better now? I got to try on the Morpheus headset back in March when Sony was demoing it at GDC and was pleasantly surprised by how impressively the company's virtual reality experience was already shaping up. So if some extra glare is the price we have to pay, I for one am all for it.

via Techradar