Unrest is a most unusual game. There are no fail states, for one. The story continues if you fail. It's also an RPG that takes place in ancient India—which, I don't know about you, but that's not a place I've ever visited in a game.

The Kickstarter video promises a lot of unconventional ideas, actually. Unlike most games, you won't have combat for the sake of having combat. From the Kickstarter page:

Instead of meaningless combat encounters with dozens of enemies in every area, combat encounters will be few and unique, such as a knife fight for food in an alley, a duel between homeless humans and Naga (and more!) in a style similar to Sid Meier's Pirates. Importantly, violence will have consequences on the state of the world - too much bloodshed and you might just tip the city over the edge.

That, to me, sounds enticing. Most games have a knack for giving me small existential crises as I think about the hordes I regularly tear down and how much time that padding takes away from me—and any game that gets rid of inconsequential battles feels like a godsend. They're so rare!

Unrest isn't the prettiest game, but the ideas seem to make up for that. The Kickstarter page for Unrest can be found here.