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Ah, technology, making our lives so much easier. Now, through the magic of the Xbox 360, you can watch The Devil's Rejects with director Rob Zombie this Friday without actually having to sit near Rob Zombie!


On Friday, February 19th, Microsoft's Game With Fame presents Xbox Live Film With Fame with Rob Zombie, your chance to watch "classic" horror thriller The Devil's Rejects with the singer / songwriter / director / screenwriter / producer. Rob will be providing live director's commentary for the film, which can be rented or purchased via Xbox Live prior to the event. You must be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to participate.

All you need to do is procure the film, add RobZombie GwF to your friends list, and be online at around 7:30PM Eastern to listen to the man talk about that thing he did, without fearing for your life whatsoever. Isn't technology wonderful?

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