Comparatively speaking, it's not that often that you get to engage in wanton bloodshed in a game released for Nintendo platforms. (Well, you can creatively interpret Mario's adventures in an ultra-violent way, if you wanted.) So, The Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2—where you can kick guys to bloody bits—is a departure from the family-friendly stuff you expect on a game machine with the word "Wii" in it.

Aside from the Tecmo Koei title, there's some classic NES action in the form of Mega Man, exercises for your grey matter with Brain Age: Concentration Training and stereoscopic Sam Fisher sneaking in Splinter Cell 3D. There's also some football (not the American kind) and Ah! Heaven, a game where God is, well, kind of lazy. Seriously, read the description:

You play as a soul willing to ascend to heaven. Though heaven's gate is open, God will not take you there, you have to go by yourself. You will meet all kinds of danger in your journey; can you get through it to make your ascension?


WTF, God?