That thing on the front of the Xbox One? That's a sticker. You can take it off. Some of you right now are wondering why this needs to be said. Others of you, well, you're not alone. A lot of people haven't taken this sticker off their Xbox One for some reason.

Search for Xbox One on Instagram and you can see it yourself. Just in the last two hours, we've got these:


There are many, many more.

Why are so many people keeping this sticker on their console?


1) They think the console looks a bit naked without it.


2) They think it's cool to keep the stickers on. You know, like some people do with baseball hats. As seen here, for example, via The Sartorialist:


3) They don't realize it's a sticker.

Whatever the reason may be, it's okay to remove it. Really. It's not like one of those mattress tags. And, really, how many times can you read the same warning, no matter how many languages it's in?


Just trying to be helpful.

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