You Can Play Dark Souls II In First-Person, If You Want

Someone did it for the first Dark Souls on PC, so of course it was going to happen for Dark Souls II.


What you're seeing here is a hack that "tells the game's camera to permanently stay zoomed in, giving you a first person perspective". Technically, aside from a few little glitches, it works just fine. But in terms of difficulty and design...Dark Souls II is a game reliant upon timing and your positioning in the world relative to your enemies, so this is going to make a tough game tougher.

Still! If you want to try it out, there are download links in the vid description here.



Why ppl like first person view so much? I completely hate it. Every first person game makes me feel like I am playing as a dwarf. I get its intent to add more immersion, but to me it is more of a handicap than anything. There is absolutely no peripheral vision, it doesn't have the amount of movement as a real head has, and it make impossible to know with precision where the character is standing related to the surroundings.

All the problems are caused because instead of actually simulating a real first person view, it acts exactly like what it is, a floating camera with a very narrow sight field.