You Can Now Use An Xbox One Controller On The PC (Unofficially)

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Despite the fact that the Xbox 360's controller has become a standard in PC gaming, Microsoft still hasn't got the Xbox One pad working officially with the platform. But that's OK.

Lucas Assis has done it for you, modifying the ToCA Xbox 360 control pad emulator to work with the Xbox One's pad (remember, they've got the exact same button layout).

His version is an early work, of course, so don't expect things to be perfect, but folks are reporting success so far.

Those after something more official, remember: Microsoft told Kotaku last year that support should be hitting sometime in 2014.


If you want to try it out yourself, the download link is in the "About" section below.

Xbox One Gamepad PC 1.0 Release [YouTube]

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When the Official release of PC support is out, will it require a dongle or just a micro usb cord?