You Can Now Play The Most Avatar Game This Side Of Korra

Bayonetta creator Platinum is making an Avatar: The Legend of Korra action game, which is crazy exciting if you're an Avatar nut like me. But why wait to bend the elements when you can just start flinging around earth, wind, and fire (not the band) right now? Quoth Son of Nor, which is now on Steam: "Why indeed?"


We've written about Son of Nor before, but here's the gist: as the Totally Not Avata— er, Son of Nor, it's up to you to protect the human race from extinction by shifting land and elements as you see fit, both to smash baddies and solve puzzles. It's all physics-based, which presents some especially tantalizing possibilities.

It's also finally (largely) gotten over its ugliness problems from back in the day, though it's still a little lo-fi. That said, Nor is only a Steam Early Access game right now, so it's not finished. Developer stillalive promises "a large portion of the story with more to come," but it's tough to say what exactly what means at this stage. There is co-op for up to four players, though. That's something.

Steam forum users are reporting some fairly significant bugs—broken NPCs, crashes, and even a save data erase—so you might want to hold off a little until this one is more stable. It's your call, though. The game is $17.99 right now—not The Scourge Of Piggy Banks The World Over, but also not quite an impulse buy. Do with that knowledge as you will.



This looks neat, but to be honest, I want an Avatar game based on the original Team Avatar:

Original Team Avatar is BEST Team Avatar (and Original Team Avatar includes Suki, dammit)!