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You Can Now Play Doom Via Twitter

Tweet2Doom lets folk playthrough the classic FPS using commands sent through the social media site

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
The Doom marine from the original game holding the twitter logo in his hand while killing stuff.
Image: id / Twitter / Kotaku

Are you bored, sitting in some waiting room? Maybe, instead of just doing nothing you want to play some Doom? Well you could download the fantastic mobile ports of Doom or play it on Switch. Or, why not play Doom using Twitter via short commands and videos?

Tweet2Doom is a new Twitter bot that started up in September of this year and which lets folks play through the original game using a series of commands. Those commands are translated to the bot and you are sent back a video showing you what happened, then you can continue to send more commands and progress through levels. The full list of commands and how it works can be found in this pinned tweet from the account.


It’s almost like a turn-based spin on the classic id shooter. (Which also already exists.)


Okay, so this is far from the most elegant or useful port of Doom, but it yet one more step in the continuing journey for humankind to make Doom playable on anything and everything ever created.

And it shouldn’t surprise you that someone has already set a respectably fast completion time for the first, iconic level of Doom. According to the bot, one user used just two tweets to beat E1M1 in 11 seconds or less than 500 frames of gameplay.

If you follow the account, not only will you get tweets whenever people set new records or beat levels quickly, but you’ll also get to see random collections of people just screwing around with Tweet2Doom. Honestly, it’s almost more enjoyable watching people spam nonsense and random commands at the bot in the vein hope of perhaps making progress. Instead, the Doom marine just looks drunk.


Tweet2Doom now joins a long and ever-growing list of “Ways To Play Doom.” That list includes a pregnancy test, unreleased indie console, cash registers and much, much more.

(h/t: RPS)