You Can Now (Officially) Use An Xbox One Controller On The PC

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Good news for all the PC master-race-ers out there who prefer console-style controllers over the good ol' mouse-and-keyboard combo: Microsoft has finally made its Xbox One controller PC-compatible.


Xbox Live director of programmer Larry Hyrb, better known by his online handle Major Nelson, announced the news this morning in a post on his blog that also contains links to download drivers for the controller.

Microsoft told Kotaku in August of 2013 that it was planning to make the new controller PC-compatible some time in 2014. Since then, PC gamers have had to resort to unofficial means to use Microsoft's new controller.

The official, Microsoft-produced drivers are exciting because, to be totally honest, the improvements made to nearly every aspect of the Xbox (and PS4, for that matter) controller is one of the best things to come out of the next-gen console wars so far. Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton even said in his recent follow-up to our Xbox One review that "it's enough of an improvement that if and when Microsoft finally makes the controller work with PC games, I'll switch."

Perfect timing! It's almost like someone at Microsoft has been reading Kotaku—crazy thought, I know.

Download the drivers here.


Yet it begs the question... why?

What's so special about this controller compared to 360 gamepad?

I've held it to play some pared down console game and I don't see the point. Especially as there doesn't seem to be a USB wired connection which is what I value at LAN events where you have 20+ different people using different RF devices the supposedly impossible interference still happens not to mention batteries going at the worst moments.