You can now Make Your own Team Fortress 2 Videos

Team Fortress 2 now has its own replay system, letting every user of the game (at least on PC and Mac) save and view footage from the match they just completed.


If you're playing on a server that has the option enabled, every second of a round will be recorded for posterity. Users can then upload footage directly from the game to YouTube or, if the urge takes them, Steam itself.

To celebrate, developers Valve are running a little competition, looking for the twenty best TF2 videos of the next two weeks (May 5 until May 19). There are twenty categories to compete in, with the winners scoring...a foot-high bust of Saxton Hale. Which looks like an Oscar.


Oh, there's also a new comic.

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The Replay Update [Team Fortress 2]

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Does TF2 not have the "record" console command? D: