You Can Now Install Your Own "Custom" PS3 Firmware

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Some tools released online overnight claim to allow the installation of "custom firmware" on a PlayStation 3.


Capitalising on the work done last week by the fail0verflow team in breaking the PS3 wide open, KaKaRoTo has released a set of tools that allow users to alter their PS3's firmware, making this the first practical step towards installing stuff like homebrew and Linux on Sony's console.


These tools apparently work with any recent PS3 firmware version.

As of now it's not terribly useful, as it apparently won't let you run current homebrew programs or backup copies of games, but KaKaRoTo says "this custom firmware is really meant for future homebrew installation", and in addition "will not allow piracy".

Think of it, then, as one of those PSN updates where they quietly lay the groundwork for future stuff.

[PS3: First ‘Custom Firmware' now working!]

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TimeNeverRests (PS1)

This installs a flavour of the 3.55 firmware which shows INSTALL/PACKAGES and APP/HOME under the GAME menu on the XMB. It can be installed on any PS3. It has the exact same features, PSN still works, except you can install .pkgs (stuff you install will appear under the GAME menu) using a USB stick.

So far no signed homebrew has been released yet since the .pkg (like a .rar/.zip for PS3) and the EBOOT.BIN (like an .exe for PS3) signing tools haven't been released, but obviously the update signing tools have.

So for now only actual Sony .pkgs (demos and PSN games) can be installed. But even if you do install a PSN game it won't magically work, but will ask you to sign into PSN to buy it. But obviously when the signing tools are released the DRM check can be cut.

How the USB exploit hack works, which was first released in September (only compatible with 3.41 and below) is it shows INSTALL/PACKAGES and APP/HOME, except the code doesn't have to be signed, and at the same time the USB exploit redirects the Blu-Ray drive to a USB device or the internal HDD if an EBOOT.BIN has been written to heed that call (so the backup managers). And with the USB exploit APP/HOME is where games are launched from if you want to run them discless.

The USB exploit is not permanant though, boot your PS3 up without it again and the two special folders (which are supposed to only show up on Debug PS3s that developers, journalists or store managers with demo kiosks use) are not there. However the USB devices are about to become redundant (well unless people used their phones and such to do the hacking xD). A 3.41 version of this custom firmware has been released too so people can still use the USB exploit and be ready for when the signed stuff comes.

In the last few days the formerly uncrackable new games like GT5, NFSHP, POPTri, SlyTri and a few others have been cracked to work from the hard drive or USB drive on 3.41. This was done by editing the EBOOT.BINs of the games and replacing the 3.50 security with the 3.41 one, which was impossible to do without these new key tools. But these EBOOTs are still unsigned since no tool has yet been released to sign them as I mentioned a few paragraps above.

In other news the PSP keys have been discovered on the PS3, using the same methods to find the PS3 keys. They were there for running PSP Minis and PS1 Classics.