The video game about the difficulties of secretly being an octopus while wearing a business suit, Octodad, is getting a sequel. But it won't happen without the help of people hungry for third-person tentacle stealth action willing to spare some change.


The team behind Octodad, a student project featured in the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase, want to make Octodad 2. So they've done what enterprising developers with internet access often do: they've formed a Kickstarter fundraising project, hoping that the community will help finance the follow-up and, in turn, handsomely reward that community.

The sum they seek for Octodad 2 is paltry, just $20,000. But if the team acquires Octodad dough beyond that milestone, it will spend the extra on potential ports to PSN, Xbox Live Arcade and iPad.

Donating to the cause can score you some sweet loot, including a copy of the game for PC or Mac upon release, Octodad t-shirts, your likeness featured as a non-player character and even a custom Octodad suit for you to wear in real life.

Learn more at Kickstarter, then see if you have a few bones to help a game get made.


Octodad 2 by Octodad [Kickstarter]

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