Octodad Proves Raising Kids, Secretly Being An Octopus Ain't Easy

Loving husband. Caring father. Secret octopus. This is the tagline for Octodad, an adventure game in which players struggle to raise a family, maintain a secret octopus identity and somehow walk upright on tentacles.

Created by a team of students at DePaul University for the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase at next year's Game Developers Conference, Octodad is about "destruction, deception, and fatherhood." The destruction portion of the game is the result of Octodad's unusual control scheme. Players control each invertebrate appendage independently, resulting in hilarious tentacle flailing and ungainly locomotion and general disarray.

The deception comes into play while trying to mask Octodad's identity, which he must keep secret from his human family. Do something human fathers might not and you'll raise your Suspicion meter, potentially cluing your wife and kids into the fact that you're a cephalopod wearing a suit and power tie.


Challenge yourself with mundane tasks nearly impossible to perform with a set of tentacles by downloading Octodad now. If we can't convince you, perhaps this trailer will.

Octodad [Official Site via Indie Games Blog]

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now lets hope there's no Octomom..