You Can Dress Up Pokémon In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Oh My God

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And now for the cutest thing I've seen all week: scans of Japanese magazine CoroCoro reveal that the upcoming Pokémon remakes will have some form of dress-up, presumably for the contests feature included in the original games.

While you'll have to visit Pokémon news website Serebii to see the scans, they show an adorable Pikachu dressed up in a variety of styles, including "Madam Pikachu" and "Hard Rock Pikachu." It's amazing. The screenshots show Pikachu in what appears to be Pokémon Amie, a feature introduced in Pokémon X & Y which let players interact with their Pokémon directly. Pikachu is the only 'mon featured in the screens, and we don't know if this feature will extend to other Pokemon just yet.

A couple more errant details from the latest issue of CoroCoro:

  • Your Pokedex looks like a Game Boy Advance, presumably since that's the platform the remakes originally launched on
  • Your secret bases will allow you to set up "Battle Rules," effectively allowing you to become a gym leader of your personal space. It's really cool! You'll be able to set up stuff like single battle or double battle.

I'm officially hyped on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. How likely is it that the Pokémon can stay dressed up like that for battle? Ah, one can dream.

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Important question time regarding this feature:

Will we be able to give Pikachu a ketchup bottle?