How To Download The PS4 Day-One Patch Right Now

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Before everyone across the country hops online to download the day-one patch for Sony's next-gen console releasing tomorrow, you might as well prepare in advance.


You can get the PS4's 1.5 system right now, put it on a USB drive and have it ready to install immediately when your console arrives, no waiting to download the update.

But be warned: do it before installing any games or setting up any accounts. Sony says this update method will erase all users and data.


But in case you don't, Shuhei Yoshida says that's ok, too:

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So, this 900mb version is the full install of the OS...seems I was wrong in thinking the OS was large and complex last night, which begs the question...

What the hell is using up 90gb of that hard drive, if the OS is 900mb (granted, that's compressed, but if sony has a way to compress 90gb into 900mb, then holy hell they have a wizard working for them)