In Japan, Pokémon has its own bread, so why the heck doesn't Monster Hunter?


Yamazaki Baking is offering two different types of Monster Hunter curry bread. If you've ever had Yamazaki bread, you'll know it's pretty good for something you get in a convenience store!

The curry bread is in the image of Monster Hunter, but it's basically Yamazaki bread slapped with a MH wrapper. That's not necessarily a bad thing!

Conversely, Pokémon bread is bread stamped with Pocket Monsters on it. While it looks good, it tastes horrid.

Starting this August, Monster Hunter bread goes on sale across Japan. Mmm curry donuts.


『モンハン』がパンに、"焼き狩り〜パン"と"狩り〜ソーセージドーナツ"が発売 [ファミ通.com]