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You Can Celebrate Christmas In These Video Games

Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends. But when you get bored of those family and friends, why not play some video games?

As the holidays fill the air—except here on the East Coast where it’s somehow like 70 degrees—here’s a list of games that are doing special things for Christmas. You can log into these games for little treats—some just on Christmas Day, others during the days surrounding it—like bonus items and decorations full of virtual holiday spirit.

We’ll be updating this post as we see more special Christmas events, so keep an eye out—and let us know in the comments if there’s anything we’ve missed.

Grand Theft Auto Online


In addition to a new mode that turns everyone into monsters, GTA Online is bringing snow to Los Santos—complete with Santa costumes and snowball fights. Log in on Christmas Day and you’ll get a free fireworks launcher, too.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Raptor Clause? Raptor Clause.

Fallout 4


Go visit Diamond City to see how Commonwealth residents celebrate Christmas. How is it that the residents of Diamond City have the time to decorate trees but can’t seem to throw out discarded cereal boxes or radio parts? Better if we don’t ask questions. The mobile game Fallout Shelter also has a decorative holiday surprise.

Final Fantasy XIV


Head to Limsa Lominsa to begin the special Starlight Celebration quest in Final Fantasy XIV, which started last week and continues until December 31.

World of Warcraft


As usual, Azeroth’s celebrating the Feast of Winter Veil with a bunch of cool quests, gifts, and kidnapped reindeer. This one lasts until January 2.

Guild Wars 2


MMOs are big on holiday celebrations, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception, with their annual Wintersday festival starting again this month, complete with snowballs, gifts, and orphans.

Oh, and don’t forget to boot up your old GameCube and see how your original Animal Crossing town is doing. They might be celebrating Christmas... or maybe they’re all dying of starvation because you’ve neglected them for ten years. Better go check!

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