You Can Buy the Original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rulebooks (Again)

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You all owe Gary Gygax more than you can possibly imagine. The creator of Dungeons & Dragons, who passed away in 2008, had a big impact on tabletop gaming, of course, but those concepts he created for paper and dice are still widely used in video games today, especially RPGs.

So this commemorative offering from Wizards of he Coast is nice. It's a reprint of the very first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons' rulebooks. The content inside is exactly as it was; the only change is a fancy new cover.


Some of the proceeds from sales will also go towards a project to get a statue of Gygax erected in Lake Geneva, WI.

1st Edition Premium Player's Handbook [Wizards of the Coast, via Reddit]

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I actually have the original books still, my Dad was the first D&D player and then I took up the game when I was old enough. It was sold in a 3 volume set and it cost $10. Back then there were only 3 classes, 4 races and I think 4 or 3 alignments. You had to use some game called Chainmail which had miniatures similar to Warhammer 40k, we use to have it but I think we got rid of it in a yard sale (DAM IT!).

Sadly the copies I have are in pretty beat up shape, the books are bowed and the cover has doodles and looks like a coffee ring and a few of the pages are coming lose I just keep them because they were my dads ( he passed away years ago.) And to show them to fellow D&D nerds for nostalgia.

It amazes me what memories things like this bring back.