You Can Buy Ninja Gaiden II Skins

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Get out those wallets, 'cause Microsoft and Tecmo have some tender-lovin' DLC they want you to buy. With Ninja Gaiden II being released this June, three packs of Ryu Hayabusa ninja outfits will be available for purchase at 200 MS points a pop. That's right, the equivalent of US $2.50 for skins! In Europe, select retailers in the UK, Italy, The Netherlands, the Nordic countries and France will giving out the pictured skin to 39,000 customers who either at launch or for pre-orders. Everyone else, pay up!
NG2 DLC [NeoGAF via Xbox 360 Fanboy]


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I've got 250 points loose in my account, anyway, and I dunno what to do with them.

And that's exactly what the greedy minds at MS knew people would be saying when they created this ridiculous point system where the MS points sold don't match the price of a game or two games or whatever (but always leave just enough for some gamerpics or wallpaper). It's VERY rare when you can use the points you buy for JUST the game or two games that you wanted to purchase with no leftover. It's such a scam it makes my head spin — which is why I will no longer buy points. Hopefully the next question pack for Wits and Wagers will be 200, I'll buy that and be done with online transactions through MS and Nintendo (only Sony does this right).