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You Can Bail Out Of Plummeting Halo Reach Vehicles And Live

Myth: You can kill an opposing player in Halo Reach by shooting their helmet attachments. Busted. Myth: You can survive a fatal Reach vehicle crash by bailing out. Confirmed.


DefendTheHouse offers another fun round-up of Halo Reach myths, some busted, some confirmed. I don't even play Reach anymore, but I love watching these.

Episode 6 - Halo Reach Mythbusters [YouTube]

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I'm really not a troll IRL or on messageboards, but occasionally I troll the hell out of Halo. My new favorite one is on Spire: If you've got a teammate sniping or whatever on the edge of the ledge on the spire, just nudge him off for a free betrayal. A close second is getting everybody into your Warthog & driving it into the ocean; sometimes this means 1 or 2 free betrayals.