You Are Killing GameStop. Now GameStop Needs Your Help.

Executives in cages. Dog food on the face. Cliff Bleszinski eating noodles.

Mega64 can run hot and cold, but boy, when they run hot, it's hot.

Mega64: SAVE GAMESTOP [YouTube]

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Captain Trips

The manager at the EB store I work at is off on a "manager's retreat" for the next few days, getting to go on a jetboat ride, get absolutely trashed every night, and eat ridiculously expensive meals for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert. The assistant manager has to bus to a 3-hour meeting 3 hours from where she lives, and then bus 3 hours back, paid for out of her own pocket. I was going to be left to run the store alone between 9 and 5, meaning not even so much as a toilet break, as I've not got keys to lock the store. I'm actually THANKFUL to have come down with food poisoning yesterday. That joke in the video about the top guys crying into their money isn't even a joke. The minions suffer horribly and the managers get treated like royalty. If you ever DO go into a gamestop (a good one, not the type I hear about all the time that treat you like shit and don't know a damn thing about games) just do me one favour. Let the minion help you, and if the manager/someone else tries to take the sale away from them, stand up for the poor bastard. If I'm selling a PS3 to someone and the manager punches his numbers into the computer before I can, I'm actually not allowed to take the sale, or I risk not getting any hours. It's Hell here, but it's the only job I've been able to get.

This rant went a lot longer than I meant it to. TL;DR: Don't hate the minions, some of us are just like you.