You and This Vita Platformer Will Make Beautiful Music Together

We're big fans of Jonathan Mak's (Everyday Shooter) upcoming musical platformer Sound Shapes. It looked good at E3, and is again one of the quiet stars of the show at this year's Gamescom. Here's why.


Sound Shapes is a two-headed beast. One head is the platformer, where you roll around a stage avoiding death and making music with your jumping and interaction with the stage. The other is the game's creation suite, which is way more than a mere level editor.

This clip shows how a level is made, and why it's as much about making music as it is making a video game level.

Promisingly, the developers tell us that when the game goes on sale (sometime around the Vita's "launch window"), in addition to a full community sharing feature for levels they're also looking at the possibility of letting people simply share the music they create with their gameplay.


I tried this behind closed doors at E3. Making a level is a breeze. In about 10 minutes I made a level which sounded amazing (although did have much challenge). So psyched for this game.