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Yoshitaka Amano Headlines New York Anime Festival

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I know I am not alone when I say that nothing represents the Final Fantasy franchise more succinctly for me than the artwork of Yoshitaka Amano. From the logos to the concept art that we never actually see in the game, his work captures the feelings one gets while playing through a Final Fantasy game, if that makes any sense at all. He's the one person working in the game industry that I would completely fall into a bubbling fanboy puddle upon meeting, which is why I probably shouldn't attend the New York Anime Festival, which has just announced Amano as a Guest of Honor.

Amano will be on hand along with Vampire Hunter D novel author Hideyuki Kikuchi and novel translator Kevin Leahy courtesy of the convention and Dark Horse Comics. The New York Anime Festival will be held September 26th through the 28th. Hit the jump for further information in handy press release format.



Norwalk, CT, June 24, 2008: The New York Anime Festival (NYAF) today announced Yoshitaka Amano — an acclaimed artist whose credits include Final Fantasy, Sandman, and Vampire Hunter D — will appear at the 2008 New York Anime Festival as a Guest of Honor. The New York Anime Festival, an anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture convention from the creators of New York Comic Con, takes place September 26th through the 28th at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Yoshitaka Amano joins fellow Vampire Hunter D talents Hideyuki Kikuchi (the author behind the Vampire Hunter D novel series) and Kevin Leahy (the translator of the Vampire Hunter D novel series) at NYAF. All are Co-Sponsored by Dark Horse Comics.

"The New York Anime Festival is tremendously honored to have Yoshitaka Amano join us," NYAF Show Manager Lance Fensterman said. "Mr. Amano is known around the world for his otherworldly fantasy illustrations, and we are excited to bring the man behind such beauty to New York City to meet all of his American fans."

Yoshitaka Amano began his career at Tatsunoko Productions where he served as a character designer for animated series including Gatchaman and Casshern. After 15 years with the studio, he chose to leave the comfort of a steady job to pursue his career as an artist. As a freelance illustrator, Amano contributed covers and illustrations to novels including Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D, Kaoru Kurimoto's Guin Saga, and Yoshiki Tanaka's The Heroic Legend of Arslan, teamed with Mamoru Oshii to create the film Angel's Egg, collaborated with Neil Gaiman to make the award-winning graphic novel Sandman: The Dream Hunters, and partnered with video game studio Squaresoft to create the look and feel for the company's flagship Final Fantasy series.

Mr. Amano has worked with media including pencils, ink, paint, ceramic, stained glass, and fabric, and exhibitions of his work have taken place in cities including Tokyo, London, Paris, Berlin, and New York City.

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