Yes, This Is An 86-Year-Old Woman Who Plays Grand Theft Auto IV

This short clip on BBC News introduces 86-year-old Hilda Knott, who's been playing games for 40 years to keep her mentally active. The giant 65" screen helps with her eyesight.


This shouldn't be so shocking. Everyone has seen old people playing something on Facebook or on an iPad. But the fact that she's playing Grand Theft Auto IV, and more surprisingly Disgaea 4—a niche Japanese tactical-RPG on a Super Slim PS3—makes everything really confusing. Too bad we cannot really see her collection next to the TV.

Computer Games Keep Me Mentally Active [BBC News Technology]

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Trying to get my parents into gaming, they both hate games, the furthest they have ever ventured into gaming is playing Solitare and Wii fit. Anyone in the same position?