Yes, Super Hexagon has an Ending. The Creator Will Show It to You.

Illustration for article titled Yes, emSuper Hexagon/em has an Ending. The Creator Will Show It to You.

Terry Cavanagh creates some hellaciously difficult video games, like VVVVV, but it's not like the man won't eat his own cooking. Thanks to Joystiq, you can see the creator of the ultra badass puzzler/whatever-it-is Super Hexagon beat the game on its hardest mode, showing that the iOS game indeed has an ending. Not that you mere mortals ever will see it.

Cavanagh answered the challenge at the Fantastic Arcade expo in Austin, Texas. Run go watch it, but I advise that you stay away if you're under the influence of powerful hallucinogens. Or mild ones. He has lots more to say about the game and why, if you can finish the first mode, he thinks you can finish the entire game.

Terry Cavanagh goes inside Super Hexagon [Joystiq]

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Don't feel bad if you made a game its very, very easy to beat it.