Yes, Rule 34 Apparently Applies to Colorful Japanese Popstars, Too

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Last summer, teenage fashion blogger Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's popularity exploded with her debut single "PonPonPon". The tune and its colorful video went viral, even hitting well beyond Japanese shores.


While much of the fashion ideas in the "PonPonPon" or in Kyary (or rather, "Carrie" as she sometimes writes) were muted after going viral, the impact was undeniable. And the fashion blogger, who only a year earlier, was appearing in Grand Theft Auto viral vids, became a star. Her lippy snarl and grotesque cuteness were fresh and different. Whenever attractive people hit it big in Japan, they can count on calls from corporate sponsors. Pamyu Pamyu started appearing in an array of ads—from shampoo to pudding.

And whenever attractive people hit it big, they can pretty much count on something else: porno parodies. Rule 34, in full effect.

Seeming to take a page from the viral launch of "PonPonPon", the adult video starring a Pamyu Pamyu doppelganger also kicked off with a viral campaign. (And no, the film is not titled "OhOhOh".) A few weeks ago, a Twitter account for "Catherine Harajuku" started tweeting work safe photos of the self-styled Catherine Harajuku, who appeared to be a nod to Kyary (or "Carrie") and Harajuku, the area of Tokyo where the popstar earned her famous stripes.

Catherine Harajuku did resemble Kyary Pamyu Pamyu somewhat, and the video claimed to be Catherine's debut—something that led Japanese internet sleuths to ask who the heck this Catherine Harajuku lady was? Some quick googling revealed that she's actually an established adult actress who was posting photos of herself dressed as Kyary this past spring.

Those who don't look at the "PonPonPon" video as a fashion manifesto can easily reduce the singer's look to mere artifice. Still, Kyary's popularity does bring Harajuku fashion to a larger audience, even if said audience doesn't get her look, and videos like this are an unsavory marker of her fame and fashion. And this parody means Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has truly made it. So, um, congrats?


Twitterで話題!きゃさりんはらじゅくって誰? [Naver]

(Top photo: Catherine Harajuku | Twitter)


MY god, a new article linking me directly to a porn website? You just opened up a whole can of uh-ohs :O

But yeah, seriously guys. NSFW warning to those that actually click on the Rule 34 link.