Yes, Moon Would Definitely Work As A Retro Adventure Game

There's a saying I just made up: every video game ever made looks better interpreted as an early 1990s Lucasarts adventure game. That rule also applies to film adaptations.

Danish artist Mads Johansen has taken 2009 sci-fi flick Moon and turned it into an...early 1990s Lucasarts adventure game (at least in this single screenshot...he hasn't made an actual game out of it).


I like this because Moon is awesome. I like it even more because Moon, with its slow pacing and confined setting, would actually make for a pretty great adventure game, as you worked with your SPOILER against the SPOILER so that at least one of you could SPOILER.

And there'd be plenty of room for wise-cracks between the three of you along the way.

Sci Fi Scummin' [Mads Herman, via it 8-bit]

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