Yes, Microsoft Will Still Publish PC Games

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Microsoft used to publish lots of PC games. Now, though, they mostly don't. Sure, there's Gears of War, and a three years late port of Halo 2, but aside from that? Not much.


And it doesn't look like there'll be much in the foreseeable future, either. The company's internal Flight Simulator team has been canned. Ensemble Studios, the team behind the Age of Empires series, were broken up and shut down. And porting a Halo game to the PC three years after it appeared on the original Xbox is some kind of sick joke.

But, cross their hearts and hope to die, Microsoft aren't done in the PC publishing space. Games for Windows' Dave Luehmann tells Gamasutra:

We've got several titles in development right now, both internally developed and with external partners. We're here at GDC negotiating another deals, and we're here at GDC looking for other content partners. I'd say our position in Windows over the last six months has gone from a steady state, to a dip from a point of view of the press, but realistically we're putting more money into Windows games than we have in quite a while.

Hopefully he means more than just Gears of War 2. Oh, and a Halo 3 port that turns up in 2010.

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Well, both developers of Halo Wars and Gears 2 have both said flat out that they specifically will NOT be bringing those games to PC.

Halo 3, however... Well, it'd be sad this late from it's release, but I could see it happen. Heck, Bungie is still supporting it. They just finished the Mythic Pack, there's content with Halo: ODST coming, and they even said they've got more content in the works for after that.

It'd be sweet if they made a PC version of Halo 3 compatible over Xbox Live with 360. :)