Yes, I Know About the Damn PS3 Slim Video [Update]

Ordinarily it's not my policy to cave in to peer pressure like this, but ignoring the likely-fake shakycam video of a PS3 Slim hasn't slowed the tide of hey-d00ds tips we're getting about it.

There's also a nagging, buzzing doubt in my head, in the region of my brain that entertains such ideas as a faked moon landing and the existence of Bigfoot. After all, rumor went around last month that this sucker was in production, and a steep price cut on the 80GB PS3 likely means retailers have been told to clear space for a new SKU.


So I am going to put this to the wisdom of the crowd. Is this a real PS3 slimline console? Or is it fake?

Arguments pro:
• You can see the ethernet and USB ports on it. Why would counterfeiters go to that kind of trouble?
• Logo looks legit enough.
• It's in the Philippines, where you can buy anything before it's available, such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Arguments con:
• Plugged-in-and-running footage or GTFO.
• Some clown's giving us the old shake-and-fake.
• It's in the Philippines, where you can buy anything before it's available, such as Flintstones Chewable Viagra.

Alright, vote!

Update: Reader Carlo Q. weighs in with this piece of intel:

I can guarantee you that it is fake. That footage is (most likely) from a place called Greenhills Mall in the Philippines, which is known for selling crap/fake gadgets, as well as bootleg movies and other items.


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ShadowOdin is gonna be King of Kotaku

Let's see, leaked production-photos

Thai lawyers threatening to sue

This shaky video

And the new font

I am actually suspecting a marketing-ploy. This MIGHT be in their plan to get us, the fans, to discuss about it so that the news spread that way, without making any actual announcements that might hinder PS3-sales.