Yes, Even Oprah Has Purchased A Wii

Oprah Winfrey is a tastemaker. No, make that, Oprah Winfrey is the tastemaker. She can make or break things. If she starts reading a book on her television program, it becomes a bestseller. Oprah carries a profound influence. Gossip site spotted talk show host, her bodyguards and two children she was accompanying in a Hawaiian Walmart, buying the Nintendo Wii. And we couldn't help but think that this Nintendo Wii console just might become popular and could very well be a hit. The media mogul also purchased two Wii games, but it wasn't mentioned what two games those were. Wonder why Oprah is buying the Wii and not getting freebies by the truckload from Nintendo? Because she's filthy rich, that's why. Oprah Appreciates Rollback Savings [TMZ via Go Nintendo]


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