Yes, Brett Favre will be in Madden NFL 10

Ah, August, the time for two-a-days, water breaks, and EA Sports making special dedicated announcements for Brett Favre. The publisher of Madden NFL 10 says Favre will join Michael Vick on the next roster update, which goes out tomorrow.


Favre's attributes have declined across the board, most in his accuracy ratings, perhaps reflecting the league-leading 22 interceptions he threw last year, most of them down the stretch as the New York Jets choked away a playoff berth. His durability, a bulletproof 99 last year, is down to 90 this year, perhaps reflecting he's 39 going on 40. Here's a look at his core attributes:

Throwing on the run, a trademark of that grinnin' gunslingin' just-look-at-how-much-fun-he's-havin' good-ol boy, while rarely associated with its often disastrous results, is down to a don't-do-it 72. Especially when coupled with his 60s in both speed and agility.

OK, we've covered Vick, Favre, Plaxico Burress and Donté Stallworth. Is that all? Is that everyone? Is everyone active, retired, indicted, convicted, exonerated, expunged, whatever? Good. Let's play some football.

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