Yelling Gamer Vs. Cops And SWAT Tea

Screams coming from inside a New Jersey house prompted a woman taking a stroll to call the cops. Police arrived on the scene and knocked on the door. That's when things got bizarre.

The resident said he was screaming because he was playing video games. According to, the man became "irrational" and more police back-up was called in.

After the additional officers arrived, the man refused to let police into his house, going as far as threatening them and slamming the door. The police were forced to communicate with the man through the house's open windows. A SWAT team even arrived on the scene — the man eventually came out of his house incident free 4:41pm.

Since the investigation is still ongoing, the man's identity has not yet been released. He has been taken to the Somerset Medical Center in Somerville, New Jersey for psychological evaluation. Why you ask? 'Cause this shit is crazytown.

UPDATE: Bound Brook man's reaction to video games prompts SWAT response [MyCentralJersey via TheBBPS]

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