Argentina has banned controversial adult computer game Rapelay. Rape games have been banned in Japan. So what gives Argentina?

According to the country's justice ministry, the game is a "clear apology for the crimes of sexual abuse, rape, torture, discrimination against women and paedophilia".

"Necessary measures are being taken to prevent the release of the software, in which a man released from prison seeks revenge against a teenager, who reported him for trying to rape a friend," says Justice Minister Julio Alak, "and decides to abuse her, her mother and her 12-year-old sister."


Blog Legal News points out that under Argentine law, those who reproduce, release or distribute "all representations of a minor engaged in explicit sexual activities and all representations of their genitals for predominantly sexual ends" will be sentence to prison terms of six months to four years.

The game was released in 2006 and is out of print. Yet, it continues to garner interest abroad, which ultimately results in more and more people learning about the game instead of fading away into obscurity.


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